Dr. Lauritz Thamsen | Uni of Glasgow | Systems Section

I am a Lecturer / Asst. Prof. (Research and Teaching track) in the School of Computing Science at University of Glasgow, where I work on resource-efficient and reliable distributed computer systems in the Glasgow Systems Section (GLASS), focusing on resource management for data-intensive systems in edge/cloud infrastructures. Previously, I was a guest professor in the Department of Computer Science at HU Berlin, where I lectured on Data-Intensive Systems, and a senior researcher at TU Berlin, where I drove the work on Adaptive Resource Management (ARM) in the research group on Distributed and Operating Systems (DOS) and lectured on Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems. Additionally, I started the Distributed Systems Engineering Laboratory (diselab), a collaborative effort with researchers from TU Berlin and Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI).

Lauritz Thamsen

My research interests include scalable and reliable data processing, edge and cloud computing, resource management and scheduling, and sustainable computing. With that, my research is often located at the intersection of distributed systems, database systems, and operating systems, yet I am generally passionate about systems research and making computing more sustainable and accessible. Currently, I am focusing on carbon-aware data processing in edge and cloud computing.

I got my PhD from TU Berlin, working on resource management for distributed dataflows in the BMBF-funded Berlin Big Data Center and the DFG Research Unit Stratosphere under Odej Kao. Prior to that, I was part of the Software Architecture Group of Robert Hirschfeld and the Research School at HPI. I also worked at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, California, in the Technology Infrastructure Practice group, under Dan Ingalls, and at Signavio in Berlin.


lauritz.thamsen at glasgow.ac.uk
+44 141 330 2000 (x0652)


Room S152
Sir Alwyn Williams Bldg


twitter: lauritzthamsen
LinkedIn: lauritzthamsen



  • Academic and industry collaborations: If you are interested in making distributed computing more accessible, reliable, or sustainable with me, let me know.
  • Student and project supervision: I am always looking to work with motivated research students. Please have a look here and get in touch.
  • Community service: I am available for scientific community service in areas such as resource management and scheduling, edge and cloud computing, low-carbon and sustainable computing, as well as distributed data processing.