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I am a Lecturer in Computer Systems in the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow, focusing on distributed computer systems. I am generally keen on making computing more sustainable. To this end, I mostly work on methods and tools that make it easier to create resource-efficient and resilient distributed computer systems, for example through carbon-aware computing in edge and cloud infrastructures. Within the School, I lead the Glasgow Carbon-Conscious Computing (GC3) lab and I am part of the Glasgow Systems Section (GLASS), among other groups and collaborative research efforts. Beyond the School, I co-lead the joint work on Adaptive Resource Management (ARM) with TU Berlin and started the Distributed Systems Engineering Laboratory (diselab), a collaboration with researchers from TU Berlin and Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI).

Lauritz Thamsen

Previously, I was a senior researcher in the Distributed and Operating Systems group at TU Berlin, where I lectured on Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems, and a guest professor in the Department of Computer Science at HU Berlin, where I lectured on Data-Intensive Systems. I got my PhD from TU Berlin, working on dynamic resource allocation for distributed dataflows in the BMBF-funded Berlin Big Data Center and the DFG Research Unit Stratosphere under Odej Kao. Before that, I was part of the Software Architecture Group of Robert Hirschfeld and the Research School at HPI. I also worked at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, California, in the Technology Infrastructure Practice group, under Dan Ingalls, and at Signavio in Berlin.


lauritz.thamsen at glasgow.ac.uk
+44 141 330 2000 (x0652)


Room S152
Sir Alwyn Williams Bldg


twitter: lauritzthamsen
LinkedIn: lauritzthamsen



  • Academic and industry collaborations: If you are interested in making distributed computer systems more efficient and sustainable with me, let me know.
  • Student and project supervision: I am always looking to work with motivated research students. Please have a look here and get in touch.
  • Community service: I am available for scientific community service in areas such as edge and cloud computing, data-intensive systems, and sustainable computing.