I enjoy teaching a lot and have been involved in teaching the basics of distributed systems, operating systems, and software engineering as well as advanced topics around cloud computing, data engineering, and the Internet of Things.

Full list of my past and present teaching activities:

  • Winter 2020: Cloud Computing: Virtual Resources and Distributed Applications
  • Winter 2019: The Methods of Cloud Computing
  • Summer 2019: Distributed Systems
  • Winter 2018: The Methods of Cloud Computing
  • Summer 2021: Scalable & Reliable Distributed Systems
  • Summer 2020: Hot Topics in Distributed and Operating Systems
  • Winter 2017: Hot Topics in Systems Operation
  • Summer 2015: Operating Complex IT-Systems
  • Summer 2014: Exploratory Authoring of Interactive Content in a Live Environment
  • Winter 2013: Scripting Interactive Web Visualizations
  • Winter 2012: Advanced Modularity
  • Also winter 2012: HPI Freshmen Seminar
  • Summer 2021: Serverless Data Processing on Edge Resources
  • Summer 2020: Real-Time Applications on IoT Devices
  • Summer 2019: Resource Management for Distributed IoT Stream Processing
  • Winter 2018: Machine Learning for Sustainability (winning the Atos IT Challenge 2019)
  • Also winter 2018: Implementing IoT Data Pipelines
  • Winter 2016: Interactive Cluster Performance Visualization
  • Winter 2015: Visually Programming Distributed Dataflows
  • Winter 2014: Software-Defined Networking for Big Data
  • Winter 2013: Scripting Interactive Web Visualizations
interdisciplinary courses:
  • Summer 2021: Lecture series Critical Infrastructure and Digitalization (in the European teaching network ide3a, personally lecturing on Continuous Testing of IoT Systems)
  • Winter 2020: International winter school on Smart Sensing (as part of our interdisciplinary school series on Smart Cities in ide3a, personally lecturing on Critical IoT Systems)
research seminars:
  • Since winter 2020: Adaptive Resource Management research seminar (schedule)
  • Since winter 2019: Research seminar of the Distributed and Operating Systems group
teaching assistance:
  • Summer 2018: Systems Programming (Operating Systems basics)
  • Summer 2017: Systems Programming (Operating Systems basics)
  • Summer 2013: Software Engineering
  • Summer 2012: Software Engineering
  • Summer 2011: Software Engineering
  • Winter 2010: Software Architecture
extracurricular teaching:
  • Summer 2010: Organization of the HPI MINT-EC Summer Camp 2010 (a five-day program to give interested pupils an extended impression of a university and computer science)
  • From 2008 to 2010: Teaching in events of the Student Club for Pupils Activities at HPI
  • From 2006 to 2008: Organization of tutoring sessions (and personally tutoring in math and physics)
thesis supervision:
  • Around two dozen bachelor and master theses in distributed systems and software engineering successfully (co-)supervised together with Prof. Dr. habil. Odej Kao (TU Berlin), Prof. Dr. habil. Andreas Polze (HPI, University of Potsdam), Prof. Dr. Robert Hirschfeld (HPI, University of Potsdam), and Prof. Dr. Björn Scheuermann (HU Berlin).