I very much enjoy working with research students, I have substantial experience in guiding student research, and I am available to supervise new research students at the University of Glasgow.

News: I currently have a School of Computing Science Studentship to be allocated (supports tuition fees and pays an annual stipend), receiving priority as a new and early-career member of faculty. The application due date is January 31, 2023.

Research Student Opportunities at the University of Glasgow

Each year there are a number of School of Computing Science Studentships as well as other scholarships available to fund postgraduate research students, who want to pursue a PhD in Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. Please have a look at the information for prospective PGR students on the school's website, particularly the funding opportunities that the School of Computing Science Studentships, Minerva Scholarships, and the Scholarships of the College present. More information about the application process, the required research proposal, and other requirements can be found on the school's website as well.

Area of Research and Relevant Skills

My research revolves around resource-efficient and resilient distributed computer systems and I am mostly doing empirical systems research. That is, new ideas are usually implemented prototypically, integrated with open-source software (e.g. systems like Spark, TensorFlow, or Nextflow running on Kubernetes clusters), and evaluated in experiments with real-world applications, datasets, and compute infrastructures. Some of my work also makes use of simulations. Moreover, data analysis, machine learning, and optimization methods are commonly applied to make systems more adaptive, where performance data can, for example, stem from dedicated profiling runs or previous executions of recurring jobs.

More important than any specific knowledge or skill is a high level of motivation, related research interests, and the ability to work independently and learn new skills along the way.

If you are interested in doing your PhD with me, please get in touch before you apply. Furthermore, please have a look at my research statement (for the general motivation and approach of my work) and previous publications (for examples of concrete research).

I also prepared the following video, describing my area of research and the environment at the University of Glasgow:

Past and Current Research Student Advising

In the past, I have been working closely with PhD students and RAs as a postdoc, senior researcher, and guest professor – both as a direct supervisor in funded research projects and as a lead researcher in collaborative efforts without funding – at TU Berlin, HPI (at the University of Potsdam), and HU Berlin.

Also in Germany, I (co)-supervised over two dozen bachelor and master theses (equivalent to dissertations in the UK) with Prof. Dr. habil. Odej Kao (TU Berlin), Prof. Dr. habil. Andreas Polze (HPI, University of Potsdam), Prof. Dr. Robert Hirschfeld (HPI, University of Potsdam), Prof. Dr. Ulf Leser (HU Berlin), and Prof. Dr. Björn Scheuermann (while he was at HU Berlin).

At the University of Glasgow, I have acted as a supervisor for four MSc dissertation projects (and was a reader of five).

I am currently part of the PhD Thesis Advisory Committees of Jonathan Bader, Fabian Lehmann, and Vasilis Bountris in the Collaborative Research Center FONDA.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in working with me, please do not hesitate to contact me (lauritz.thamsen at

Please include:

  • 1) a description of your background and interests (as far as relevant for my area of research),
  • 2) your CV,
  • 3) a sample text written by you (e.g. paper, thesis/dissertation, or seminar/project report),
  • 4) and documentation of your grades.
If you have an idea for your PhD research, please include it in your message as well. I do not expect a final and complete proposal, but a first sketch will help me immensely in understanding whether I would be a suitable supervisor for the topic.

There is no need for certificates or a cover letter.